zondag 11 oktober 2009

long time ago :)

Well it take a long time but we are back on the blog. our PC is broken and we have a burrow PC and I can not updat my on site so we have Freeweb at the moment not all pages at working we have also good news :)

on 5 september we went to the show in schiedam whit Chanelle and Matti, Chanelle was there for the first time and at the jugds she give chanelle CAC and NOM for bis but unfortulie she is not a black tortie ( when she was born I think she was tortie )but she is a Black tabby spotted like here father :) so she was in the wrong class at the 2e judgs she get CAC but not NOM for BIS I did not care about the NOM I was very happy whit here results and she is very promissing :) Matti have his 1 CACIP and NOM for BIS and he had 2 fots also whit him a very good result Happy that we are :)

Also we have new plans for 2010 when the girls are test for HCM and PKD :
Begin of 2010

Gorysha whit a red male
Nikita for here we look a red silver male this because she carry the shaded and we hope for a shaded male ;)

in the summer 2010

Jasmina for here we look for a blue ore blue silver male also this will be here last litter then she had 3 litters and she will be 5 years old and that is a good time to stop whit here.

eind off 2010

Chanelle for here we look a black tabby male
Candy kisses there we think the mabye shaded male will be very nice ;)

a lot off plans Let see what the girls want ;)

Its is a update for now we hope soon to get our PC back :)

zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Kitten plannen

We hebben besloten om nieuwe nestjes te krijgen pas in 2010 :) Dan zal dit ook het laatste nestje worden van Jasmina:) Maar voorlopig gaan de meiden lekker genieten en Chanelle en Candy zullen eerst volwassen worden hun zullen in September al 1 jaar worden dus volgend jaar zomer mogen deze lieve schatten ook hun eerste nestje verwelkomen voor jasmina en Gorysha zal het begin volgend jaar al zijn :)

We zijn ook druk bezig met onze nieuwe site zodra deze klaar is zal hij worden geplaatst :)

maandag 13 april 2009

Moeder van Jasmina

wat een kanjer is ze toch Aikataika de moeder van Jasmina en oma van de B en C litter ze is nu bijna 8 jaar oud en vol op in het leven ;)

zondag 12 april 2009